Our Vision

Achieve this, we offer products and partnerships that endeavour to raise literacy levels across the country. Reading is, after all, the basic building block to the realisation of personal potential. We continue to assess and re-assess the opportunities we have, and the challenges we face, to intellectually stimulate and inspire people to do more with their lives. Ever y year, we cover more ground. Ever y year, we see our promise set in motion.

To develop future-ready global youth who will enhance society through their scholastic achievements; possess a drive to excel and a compassion and understanding of the complex and uncertain world around them.

Our Mission

To develop students who will:

  • Achieve the highest academic standards
  • Grow to be analytical and critical thinkers
  • Become compassionate and sensitive leaders


  • A safe and nurturing school environment that supports and encourages life-long learning
  • Teachers who are professionally proficient and passionate educators

The Management


A Business person, Social worker, Politician and Financier.

sps president

Jagram Saran

President (B3S)

A Social worker, Businessman and Conscious farming.

A Businessman, Conscious farming and Loan Adviser.

Next Steps...

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